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Cranberry extract is an effective alternative against UTI’s.

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A new study, which will be published tomorrow in the journal of Clinical Infectious Disease, compared the effectiveness of daily antibiotics, acupuncture and cranberry extract against chronic UTIs. Chronic urinary tract infection is defined as 3 or more per year. The daily antibiotics were the most effective, followed by monthly acupuncture sessions, then daily cranberry extract. All of the therapies decreased the rate of infection to 1 or less per year.

We have successfully recommended cranberry extract for Urinary Tract Infections for years. This study is important for three reasons. First because it investigated cranberry extract and acupuncture against chronic infections and showed them to be successful. Also, it compared antibiotics to natural therapies in the same population. The positive result of this study gives the use of cranberry extract and acupuncture strong support. Most importantly it gives research backing to a natural alternative to daily antibiotics- the use of which can lead to significant digestive and autoimmune conditions.



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