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Got Allergies?

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Jonathan Powell, ND

Spring is here — both on the calendar and in the pollen count, which has been hovering between Moderate and High for over a week!  If you are spending more time blowing your nose and wiping your eyes than enjoying the fresh blooms and birds singing, then you need to visit Elements and let us help you get through this blooming season.

We fight allergies on two fronts for best results.  Externally, using Nasopure saline nasal rinse is a must during pollen season.  Rinsing the nasal passages with buffered saline each evening will make a dramatic difference in your overall allergy symptoms.  For more severe cases, rinsing twice daily and as needed for congestion may be necessary.  Throughout the day, allergens such as pollen adhere to the hairs of the nose and by rinsing them out, you diminish your allergic response by physically removing the cause of the allergic response.

Our second line of attack occurs internally on the cellular level. Under normal circumstances, your nose detects an allergen in the air (such as smoke) and histamine is released from mast cells.  This triggers mucus to be secreted in the nose.  The layer of mucus literally captures the particulate intruder before it can make its way into your lungs and normally this is a good thing.  However, your body may be overly sensitive and unable to regulate your histamine release.  It’s like using a firetruck hose to extinguish a birthday candle….the job is accomplished but the party is ruined.  Proper use of Quercetin will stabilize mast cell membranes so that a stronger stimulus than pollen is necessary to trigger histamine release.  Utilizing natural remedies, we help your body recognize the difference between a forest fire and a candle.

Once released, histamine may linger in the extra cellular space, signaling for a continued allergic response that is not truly needed.  Reducing histamine activity can be accomplished using HMC Hesperidin, while cleaning up excess released histamine can be done with Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5.  Combined, these supplements provide us another method of controlling your allergy symptoms during the pollen season.

Unlike conventional allergy treatments which act to suppress the immune system, the solutions we offer at Elements help modulate a healthy immune response so that pollen is not seen as the enemy, but simply another sign of spring.  Come in and let Elements help you with your allergies.

Happy Camper Tea – $7.75

Nasopure Starter Kit – $19.99

Sinus Clearing Session – $20.00



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