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At Elements we offer a wide range of therapies to help you look and feel your best.

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The doctors at Elements are experts at using natural therapies to prevent illness and heal disease.

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We work diligently with each patient to unearth the root of your illness.

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We provide the expertise of doctors who graduated from the nation’s top natural medical school.

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We recognize the benefit of all forms of medicine. We work with you to achieve your health goals as part of your healthcare team.

Chelation Clinic

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In our efforts to always provide you with the most effective, research-based natural therapies Elements has partnered with The Chelation Clinic to bring IV Therapies and Chelation to Columbus.

B Vitamins are critical for many steps of metabolism-the process of turning food and fat into energy. Stress, exercise and consuming overly processed foods leads to a depletion of these critical nutrients. B vitamin injections are a quick way to replenish and energize your body.

Beyond vitamin injections, Nutrient Infusions cutting edge therapy delivers high dose nutrients directly to your blood stream. It can be used to combat the effects of aging, boost your immune system, or help melt away those extra pounds. We offer unique Nutrient Infusion blends to help you stay looking young and healthy and feeling great.

Chelation is an exceedingly sought-after therapy that is rarely found outside major cities. It has been used effectively for years as an alternative to heart surgeries. It has also been used to improve blood pressure, memory, energy, and for symptoms associated with blocked arteries and prolonged chemical exposure.

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