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IV Nutrient Therapy,
Functional Medicine,
At Elements we offer a wide range of therapies to help you look and feel your best.

Where Medicine
& Nature Meet

The doctors at Elements are experts at using natural therapies to prevent illness and heal disease.

Find the Cause

We work diligently with each patient to unearth the root of your illness.

Experts in the Science of Natural Medicine

We provide the expertise of doctors who graduated from the nation’s top natural medical school.

Not Alternative

We recognize the benefit of all forms of medicine. We work with you to achieve your health goals as part of your healthcare team.

Clinical Cleansing

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The conveniences of the modern world – cars, plastics, computers, pesticides – come with a price. We encounter more types and greater amounts of detrimental chemicals than ever before. The excess of chemicals in our bodies has profound negative effects on our health.

Elements Clinical Cleansing provides the comprehensive detoxification support your body needs. The program’s combination of diet, nutrients, herbs and supportive therapies work synergistically to bolster the function of all the organs of detoxification.

$260 Clean Body Cleanse a short period of diet and lifestyle changes with supplemental support that helps your to detoxify, repair, and energize $80-105 Colon Hydrotherapy gently washes out your colon with purified water to speed the removal of toxins from the body $50 Liver Rescue relaxing hydrotherapy treatment that promotes the healing of inflammed tissue and supports liver detoxification $90 Lymphatic Massage facilitates the movement of lymphatic fluid and the transport of toxins to the organs of detoxification
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