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Food Reactivity

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It is common knowledge that good food is important for health. But what defines good food? The food that is portrayed as a horrible choice today may be held up as a panacea tomorrow. And a food that is wonderful for one person may cause health problems in another. What food is “good” is very individual and at Elements, we work with you to discover which foods make you thrive.

We can react to the foods we eat in a multitude of ways. Most people are familiar with the peanut or shellfish type of food allergy, where the consequences can be immediate and life threatening. This is an IgE Allergy; IgE designates a specific type of anti-body. Most allergy tests focus on IgE to the exclusion of other types of reactions. IgG reactions, however, are a major contributor to the low grade chronic inflammation that causes and worsen many chronic syndromes, such as arthritis, auto-immune disease, migraines, seasonal allergies, and mental challenges like mood and learning disorders.

Elements offers a variety of testing options to discover food allergies and intolerances.

$304 Clean Body Cleanse with Food Reintroduction guided elimination of the most common food reactants followed by a systematic reintroduction of the eliminated foods coupled with a digestive healing protocol starting at $218 Food Reactivity Testing blood test evaluating IgE, IgG, and other indicators of food reactions


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