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Georgia Soap Company

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We’re Kevin and Bonnie Reherman. We founded Georgia Soap Company in Columbus, Georgia in 2009 in response to our daughter’s extreme skin reactions to commercial soap. We made a commitment to use only nature’s finest ingredients to create natural products for all ages that were good for our bodies and good for the environment. EarthBaby Soap Company products will never contain petrochemical compounds, genetically-modified ingredients, or animal by-products. Our soap suds are created using a natural six week process without the use of sulfates, detergents, nor fragrances. Our Ghanaian shea butter comes direct from Africa in its most raw and unrefined form. Our specialty salts are all organic-compliant, meaning that even though they are minerals and not organic compounds, they contain certifications from their countries of origin. Are we organic? In the United States of America products must have 95% organic ingredients to carry the label on food items. However, until the word “organic” is properly regulated in personal care products, EarthBaby Soap Company will refuse to label as such. EarthBaby Soap Company body products meets or exceeds these standards. We source all of our ingredients from companies who can provide certifications of organic compliancy, origin and method of harvest including our salts.

As always, our products are rigorously animal tested on spouse, kids and friends!

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