from COLDS to CANCER – the Naturopathic doctors at Elements will help you look and feel your best using cutting-edge clinically proven natural therapies. 

What is natural medicine? 

We help you become healthier without using prescription medications! We do a thorough investigation into all aspects of your health to get to the root of your health concerns. Using one or more safe, natural therapies – such as nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, vitamin, mineral, herbal or homeopathic medicines – we customize a wellness plan to help you meet your goals.

When we work with you we focus on treating the body as a whole, preventing illness, and addressing the underlying cause of disease.

Elements is the premier NATURAL MEDICINE CLINIC in south Georgia, featuring Naturopathic experts from the top holistic medical school in the world & a comprehensive slate of therapies.



Being the only two Board Certified Naturopathic Doctors in south Georgia, we know that many people have never heard of our specialty. So what is a Naturopathic Doctor anyway?

We are experts in advanced clinical nutrition, herbal therapies, high potency vitamin therapies, clinical homeopathy, diet and lifestyle counseling, and multiple types of physical medicine. Just like your family doctor, we attended four years of medical school. In addition to the standard medical classes we also completed thousands of hours of additional training.

Naturopathic Medicine represents the best of both worlds. With an understanding of conventional medicine and expertise in natural medicine we can provide guidance in when to use natural medicine and which natural therapies are right for you.

ND vs. MD —