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Your health is dependent on the health of your colon.

Your health is dependent on the health of your colon.

The job of your colon isn’t only to get rid of old food. It also plays a major role in eliminating toxins, hormones and byproducts of normal metabolism. A healthy body relies on timely elimination; this equates to 2-3 bowel movements a day.

Either an overactive or a sluggish colon will create health problems, and stop you from being heathy.

Colonics flush out your colon (a.k.a.large intestine) with warm, purified water.  This helps remove old stool, flush out built up gas, and gives the lining of the colon a chance to rest. 

The Doctor Supervised Colonics at Elements are a key component in restoring healthy digestive function and maintaining optimum health.

You may benefit from colonics if:

  • You have less than 2 bowel movements a day

  • You frequently have very loose stool

  • You frequently have very hard stool

  • You have daily gas

  • You have frequent bloating

  • Your stool or gas have a strong, foul odor

  • You are doing a cleanse or detox

  • Or you are dedicated to living your best life and know that regular colonics are a key to feeling awesome every day.


How many colonics do you need?

Most clients need more than 1 colonic by the time they come into see us.  We typically recommend that you start with a series of 3 colonics; once a week for 3 weeks.

Because we recommend this so frequently, we offer a discount:

Package of 3 Colonics -  $195

If you are doing a detox, or getting your seasonal colonic for health awesomization, we also offer colonics al la carte:

Colonic Visit - Includes a doctor supervised colonic. $75



You can upgrade to a package at  the time of your appointment.