This testing is a way of looking beyond the normal range. It tells us the INNER STORY OF YOU. 

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Adrenal Fatigue ProfileSaliva test that evaluates cortisol levels throughout a 24 hour period; altered cortisol rhythms are a common cause of fatigue insomnia and hormone imbalances. $137

Comprehensive Food Intolerance Profile Blood test used as an alternative to the Elimination and Reintroduction Diet which determines the presence of inappropriate immune responses to food which can exacerbate autoimmune disease and other chronic health conditions. $232

Detailed Digestive Function AssessmentStool test used to evaluate the many aspects of digestion for individuals who are suffering from inflammation, hormone imbalance or fatigue. The test evaluates digestive enzyme production, presence of inflammation, balance of intestinal flora and much more. $270

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel - Fully evaluates your thyroid gland for hormone production, hormone activation and auto-immune activity. Sub-optimal thyroid function is frequently missed by standard testing. Starting at $169

Comprehensive Hormone Panel - Fully evaluates thyroid and sex hormones to determine imbalances. When hormones are out of balance, PMS, mood changes, low libido, and infertility can occur. Starting at $255

Neurotransmitter Test - Urine test that evaluates the levels of neurotransmitters so imbalances can be corrected. When the chemical signals in the brain are out of balance, mood and learning disorders can occur. Starting at $180