Upgrade Your Energy IMMEDIATELY, No Matter How Tired You Are, Without Coffee, Energy Drinks, or More Sleep.


B-Vitamin Injections

B Vitamins are critical for many steps of metabolism-the process of turning food and fat into energy. Stress, exercise and consuming overly processed foods leads to a depletion of these critical nutrients. B vitamin injections are a quick way to replenish and energize your body.

Need a quick pick-me-up? Stop by today for an ENERGY injection: a concentrated B-vitamin formula that amplifies the release of energy from fats, sugars and proteins.


B12 Energy Injection- Experience the non-jittery, long lasting, pure energy that only Activated B12 provides. INGREDIENTS: Methylcobalamin (B12)-  $24


Power Up - When you are Tired, bring in the energy A-Team! Our most potent B12 injection has 2x the B12 of our Energy Injection, plus all the team members needed to fully charge your batteries. (Methyl B12+Riboflavin+B Complex) - $30

Stressed to the Max - Calm yourself when you are overwhelmed and WIRED. Supports stress response at the cellular level. (B Complex+B5+Magnesium+Taurine) - $30

Zen Energy - Calming and Energizing, for when you are both WIRED and TIRED. This is the perfect middle ground between Stressed to the Max and Power Up. (Methyl B12+B6+B5+Taurine+Magnesium) - $30

Beauty Bombshell - Brightens and hydrates skin, can aid in healing acne related to inflammation and stress. This is the perfect beauty boost before a big trip or event. (Biotin+B5+Glutathione) - $30

Goldilocks - Move over Rapunzel. Nurture hair follicles, thicken and strengthen hair with clinically proven nutrients. (Biotin+Inositol+B Complex) - $30

29 and Holding - Combines glutathione - the mother of all antioxidants - with a unique blend of anti-aging vitamins and amino acids to improve blood sugar, decrease cholesterol, sustain mental acuity, and quench inflammation. (Biotin+Taurine+Glutathione+MIC+L-Carnitine) - $30

Fat Burner - Supercharges a slow metabolism, supports healthy weight loss, helps restore blood sugar levels while giving you an energy upgrade. (MIC+L-Carnitine) - $30

Feel the Burn - Recover from beast mode workouts, prevent muscle soreness, and replenish energy stores. This one stings a little - but works soooo good! (Methyl B12+MIC+B6+B5) - $30

Aunt Flow - Helps regulate mood swings, decrease cramps, and clams PMS. (B6+Taurine+B-Complex+Magnesium) - $30