Upgrade Your Energy IMMEDIATELY, No Matter How Tired You Are, Without Coffee, Energy Drinks, or More Sleep.


B-Vitamin Injections

B Vitamins are critical for many steps of metabolism-the process of turning food and fat into energy. Stress, exercise and consuming overly processed foods leads to a depletion of these critical nutrients. B vitamin injections are a quick way to replenish and energize your body.

Need a quick pick-me-up? Stop by today for an ENERGY injection: a concentrated B-vitamin formula that amplifies the release of energy from fats, sugars and proteins.


B12 Energy Injection- Experience the non-jittery, long lasting, pure energy that only Activated B12 provides. INGREDIENTS: Methylcobalamin (B12)-  $24


Ultimate Energy Injection - This power couple is essential for energy production by aiding in the metabolism of food to provide that natural, non-jittery, lasting energy to get you through your day. INGREDIENTS: Methylcobalamin (B12) and Riboflavin (B2) - $30

Metabolism Injection - This FAT BURNING blend is essential for boosting fat METABOLISM, ramping up ENERGY production, and squashing fatigue. INGREDIENTS: MIC+B Complex+L-Carnitine – $30

Recovery Injection - - This powerful amino acid and B vitamin fusion has anti-aging, metabolism and muscle recovery benefits. These are all naturally found in the body, but can deplete with increased exercise and aging.  INGREDIENTS: MIC+B12+B6+L-Carnitine $30



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Myers Drip (30 min) - Based on a classic formula called Myers Cocktail, our Myers drip is a valuable therapy for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS and other chronic illnesses.  It's packed with B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and minerals that can be helpful in replenishing the nervous system and combating the effects of day-to-day stress. $78

Energy Drip (30 min) - Beyond a vitamin injection, this drip provides our highest dose B vitamins in a formula customized to encourage optimal mitochondrial function and intra-cellular energy production, while helping quench the free radicals generated by daily stress. $78

Immune Drip (30 min) - From colds to cancer, vitamin C is used to strengthen immune function. IV infusion of this potent anti-oxidant creates blood levels that can never be achieved by taking pills. Come in right away if you are feeling ill, or schedule a series of infusions for more serious immune challenges. $78

Inflammation Drip (30 min) - Joint pain, fatigue, even chronic illness are related to inflammation. The Inflammation Ultra soothes with anti-inflammatory herbal extracts, bio-available glutathione and a blend of powerful anti-oxidants. $78

Package of 3 Drips - $198


Drip Ultras

Ramp up to our Ultra versions of the drips above. These IVs have been formulated with mega-doses of vitamins and minerals for extremely depleted individuals.  $117

Package of 3 Drip Ultras - $298



Chelation is an exceedingly sought-after therapy that is rarely found outside major cities. It has been used effectively for years as an alternative to heart surgeries. It has also been used to improve blood pressure, memory, energy, and for symptoms associated with blocked arteries and prolonged chemical exposure. You will have blood work, toxic element testing, and meet with Dr. Wade and Dr. Murphy before beginning Chelation.


Chelation Clearance - includes MD and ND medical clearance visits and protocol visits and all necessary lab work. $472

Chelation Session - IV chelation session lasting approximately 3 hours. $136.50

Chelation Follow Up Labs - follow up labs are required every 3-5 visits. Starting at $45

Chelation Check-Ins - visit with ND every 10-15 sessions to evaluate progress. $75

Chelation Supplement Support - required for all chelation patients, provides the necessary nutrients and mineral support. Starting at $35

Heavy Metal Testing - two-phase urine test to evaluate body burden of toxic metals. $233