Are you tired? Pants tight? Feel crappy more often than not?

Have you been told that it is "normal?” It’s your age? It’s in your head?


It’s not in your head. It’s in your hormones!

Your body has 2 settings: hammock on the beach or shark attack. And, to your body, the modern world is like swimming in well chummed waters.  Every phone call, text, email, traffic jam, school project is another circling fin.

Our bodies are built with amazing survival abilities. But when we are threatened by a big meeting instead of a great white the survival systems misfire.  And when the great white is joined by a posse of clowns, a big hairy spider, and your mother-in-law they get so confused and overwhelmed that they over respond or short out. 

Welcome to the Tired, Fat, Feel like Crap Cycle.

Don’t worry. There is hope.

You can break free and feel awesome again.  And you can do it without guessing and stress and frustration and failure.

Does this sound like you? Are you stuck in survival mode?

Are you wired but tired?

Do you have to push through every day?

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Are you wide awake at 3am?

Are you gaining weight just by breathing? Is the scale stuck even if you only eat kale and run 5 miles a day?

Are you choosing your vacation based on what you think you can handle rather than what you really want to do?

Most importantly, are you ready to feel awesome again?

Great! You are in the right place, and we are so glad that you are here. We have freed thousands of women from a sucking whirlpool of hormonal exhaustion, chronic inflammation, and metabolic chaos that we have named the Tired, Fat, Feel Like Crap Cycle.© And we do this without guessing.


Adrenal Fatigue.jpg

adrenal fatigue profile

Digestive Picture.jpeg

comprehensive food intolerance

Woman Eating.jpg

Detailed Digestive function assessment

We help women to be powerhouses and manifest world awesomeness, because energetic, dedicated, thoughtful women are the change-makers of our future.
— Brenna Murphy, N.D.

The first step is to IDENTIFY precisely what is sucking you down.  Guessing leads to stress, and frustration, and wasted money (and more stress.) We don’t guess. We test.  After working with 1000’s of women, we have curated a set of functional medicine tests that gives us a detailed overview of your unique situation.

The second step is to RESTORE balance and strength. Once we know what is holding you down, we throw you a life ring and pull you out of the whirlpool.  Because we have precise objective measures we can show you simple but powerful actions that will get you out of danger.

Then we teach you how to swim and aim you towards shore. We keep swimming along side you until you are back on the beach.

The third and final step is to AWESOMIZE. Once you are back on shore, we make sure you have the strength and skills to handle anything from sunbathing to surfing.  Our goal isn’t for you to stay out of the water. It’s for you to play in it whenever you desire.

Most of us accept, with a doctor’s nudge, that being exhausted, gaining weight, and feeling like crap is a normal part of growing older - especially if you’re a woman. I call BS on that!
— Elizabeth Cantrell, N.D.