We support empowered, professional, busy, discerning women on their journey towards awesomeness.  

We do this by creating a program customized to your specific pattern of imbalances and your health goals.  We use your health history, the results of your functional medicine tests, and the latest research to set you free from your vicious cycle.  Through a virtual care relationship we can offer you the benefits of our expertise at your convenience.  We help women to be powerhouses and manifest world awesomeness.  We do this because energetic, dedicated, thoughtful women are the change-makers of our future.



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Dr. Cantrell and Dr. Murphy are trained as family care physicians. However, instead of an emphasis on drugs, surgery and hospital care, their schooling focuses on diet, lifestyle and preventive medicine.  In addition to spending two years studying clinical sciences, naturopathic training also includes a thorough education in numerous traditional modalities. Thousands of hours are spent studying botanical, nutritional, physical, and homeopathic medicine. There are only six medical schools in the nation that offer this specialty training, which combines traditional wisdom and high level science to train experts in the use of natural and complementary therapies to address disease.



Plant and nutrition based therapies have been in use for eons, and now careful research is helping us to understand how they work. Knowing the mechanism allows us to employ granny’s home remedy in a way that is precise and directed to the illness at hand. Enzyme cofactors, steroid analogues, cytokine signaling, nutritional building blocks-we extensively study the chemistry and physiology of the body to understand when, why and how to use natural products to influence its functions. We excel in the scientific use of botanicals, phytochemicals and high dose nutrients to alter the course of disease.



Throughout naturopathic medical training classes highlight the multifactorial causes and triggers for disease. This leads us to have a different perspective in the exam room.  We consider the connections between organ systems, the influence of emotions on body functions, and long term patterns in disease development. We begin with a detailed interview to learn about all aspects of your health and illness. From there we determine the most foundational causes of your concern and work with you to correct these imbalances.  As we fix the core of the problem we find that many secondary symptoms disappear on their own.

For example, if you see a dermatologist for a rash they will likely prescribe a steroid cream to suppress the immune reaction. As long as you use the cream the rash will disappear. But the steroid cream in no way addresses why you have the rash in the first place. If you come to see us we will investigate all of the underlying causes to identify why your skin can not stay healthy. This investigation may include digestive health, intestinal dysbiosis, food intolerances, liver function, hormone balance, nutritional deficiencies…



Going natural is not an either/or choice. We aim to work as an integral and supportive member of your health care team. Because of our training we understand the conventional and natural approaches. We can help you understand your options, make recommendations that will enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments, and work alongside your conventional practitioners to provide excellent care. We will always work with you to support the path that best fits your health needs.



We offer a variety of therapies: Colonics to help remove toxins and relieve constipation, Acupuncture and Massage to treat pain and restore balance,  IV Nutrient Therapy to increase energy and replenish nutrient stores and Functional Medicine to evaluate and restore body systems. We use all of these therapies synergistically to help you optimize your health.

At Elements Natural Medicine we don’t see health as just the absence of disease.  We see it as an opportunity for you to live your best life.