Comprehensive Food Intolerance Panel

This panel is designed for those who want to identify foods that they may be reacting to. Food reactions can trigger or worsen many chronic inflammatory conditions. If you are dealing with conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or other chronic inflammatory conditions like joint pain, autoimmune disease, or even weight gain certain foods, even healthy ones, may be worsening your symptoms.  

Here’s how food intolerances may be affecting you:

Think of inflammation as a smoldering fire slowly causing damage to your body. The methods of extinguishing the fire can vary but identifying food reactions is often a great place to start. This panel identifies foods that cause a Type 2 delayed hypersensitivity reaction. A Type 2 delayed hypersensitivity reaction is hard to identify through observation because it can take up to seven days to occur.  Sometimes this type of reaction doesn’t always cause obvious symptoms, making it even harder to associate specific foods. Even when symptom free these reactions keep the inflammatory fire burning. Think of them as fuel to the fire. Depending on the severity of the reaction the food may act like kindling, keeping the smolder alive, or it may act like gasoline igniting a raging fire.

This comprehensive panel contains the following tests:

96 Foods

184 Foods

Sample Report


The DIY Comprehensive Food Intolerance Panel comes packaged as a kit with all necessary components and step-by-step instructions for easy collection. This panel requires a small blood sample, taken by a finger stick. This sample is then shipped directly to Alletess Medical Laboratory in a pre-paid FedEx Express Laboratory Pak. Fasting is not required for this panel. For the few days prior to your finger stick it is best to eat a variety of foods. If you are allergic to or know you react negatively to a food do not eat it. Although some medications, including but not limited to asthma medications, acid reducers, anti-inflammatory/analgesic drugs, antihistamines, and immune-suppressants (steroids) may influence the results of this test, you should continue to take all medications as prescribed.