You don’t have to continue down a path of guessing and frustration. We learn precisely what is keeping you stuck in the Tired, Fat, Feel Like Crap Cycle © with a curated panel of Functional Medicine tests. These are chosen during your Kick Start Visit.

  • Stress Response: Your Adrenals, Thyroid, and Pancreas are on the front lines of the stress response.
    • Thyroid Function Tests- measuring thyroid signaling and thyroid hormone production gives us a precise reading of thyroid strength.
    • Blood Sugar Panel – we measure short and long-term blood sugar levels, signaling, and accessory organ response.
    • Adrenal Fatigue Profile- we measure your cortisol throughout the day to assess overall cortisol production and how well you are maintaining the optimal cortisol rhythm.
  • Nutrition: You don’t have to be in survival mode long before you have depleted your emergency supplies and your daily intake can’t keep up with the need. 
    • Vitamin and Mineral Panel- we use a small set of tests to assess the levels of critical nutrients with wide ranging effects. We can do a complete nutrient panel if needed.
    • Anemia Panel- You may be surviving, but being exhausted by the effort to do so. We test blood cell number and health, as well as the robustness of your iron stores.
  •  Inflammation:  Stress is the main reason people get stuck in the tired fat feel like crap cycle. Smoldering inflammation is the main reason they can’t get out of it.
    • Inflammation Panel- we assess the most sensitive biomarkers for whole-body inflammation.
    • Digestive Integrity- we run a comprehensive panel to measure digestive enzyme production, macronutrient absorption, localized inflammation, and your microbiome.