Adrenal Fatigue Profile

This panel is designed for those who are stuck in the Tired, Fat, Feel Like Crap cycle. This often the first test our patients have done in the clinic to evaluate the cause of their fatigue, sleep difficulties, focus and concentration troubles, anxiety, and low sex drive.

Here’s how cortisol is impacting you:

Stress from work, family, illness, or injury cause the adrenal glands to release cortisol. Prolonged excess cortisol causes sleep disturbance – creating that “wired but tired” feeling at night where you want to go to sleep but your mind just won’t shut down, which ultimately leaves you feeling exhausted in the morning. This excess cortisol also leads to belly fat and brain fog – instead of just forgetting where you put your keys, now you’re forgetting where you were planning on going to begin with. Adrenal fatigue will eventually disrupt sex hormone production causing low sex drive and affect thyroid hormone balance which will slow metabolism leading to further fatigue and weight gain. The first step in breaking this cycle is to pinpoint the imbalances. For adrenals specifically, this involves analyzing your daily cortisol rhythm with the Adrenal Fatigue Profile.

This panel contains the following tests:

Stress Hormone:

·       Cortisol Morning

·       Cortisol Noon

·       Cortisol Evening

·       Cortisol Night

By using saliva to measure the free cortisol throughout the day, we can evaluate cortisol levels and the adrenal rhythm. Changes in the adrenal rhythm have been associated with increased diabetes and cardiovascular disease in addition to the daily drains of poor sleep, difficulty losing weight, and fatigue.

Sample Report


The DIY Adrenal Fatigue Profile comes packaged as a kit with all necessary components and step-by-step instructions for easy collection. The required four saliva samples are shipped directly to Access Medical Labs in a pre-paid UPS Laboratory Pak. Although overnight fasting is not required, food and drink should be avoided two hours prior to collection times (7-8 AM, 11-Noon, 4-5 PM, and 10-midnight). You should continue to take all medications as prescribed.