Holistic Medicine

Very Attentive

I love all of the staff I have meet and everyone is so attentive. Dr Cantrell is very thorough and provides sound advice. I am definitely happy I made the decision to place my medical concerns in her hands. It is also a relief that this office is willing to see you in a moments notice unlike my other doctors who wanted to put me off for days.

Scarlet A.

Journey to Physical Restoration

I just had my first appointment at Elements Natural Medicine. I was very pleased with the level of compassion extended to me. Dr. Murphy was thorough as she asked questions regarding my medical history. I wasn't made to feel brushed off but encouraged by her medical knowledge and willingness to partner with me on my journey to physical restoration.

Angela W.

Digestive Issues

Elements Natural Medicine of Columbus, GA is an excellent resource for the natural treatment of physical problems. The team of doctors and support staff are very courteous and professional. I met with Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell about some digestive issues that I have experienced over the past couple of years and she was very attentive to my needs and listened very well. She immediately suggested a common sense course of action in order to find the root of my digestive issues. You can really tell that Elements Natural Medicine really cares about their patients and provides the care that they need by finding the root of the problem, not just handing out pills in order to mask the symptoms, like some other doctors do that I have visited here in town. I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell as well as any of the doctors at Elements Natural Medicine.

Robert B.

On The Right Track

I have begun to use some of the methods that I was advised & I can already tell a difference & my appointment was just yesterday. I have been seeking assistance with some of my health issues for quite some time that ‘Traditional Doctors’ could not help me with. The personal touch, time & attention given to you that other Doctors don’t have time to give you, gives you a since of comfort & you feel you are being heard & listening to your concerns. I am definitely satisfied so far & I would recommend to anyone to give Elements a try & I look forward to my follow up visit & further progress I am sure I will continue to have, cause I feel that finally, I am on the right track.

The Beginning Of A Journey

I have just begun my treatment journey, have noticed some wonderful differences so far. With that said it has only just begun. In a few more months, with continued success, I will be more that happy to give a nice long testimonial about the difference you all have made for me, especially Dr. Cantrell. I’ve dealt with health issues that have taken so much from my life for over nine years, which is pretty much half my life. I had to leave high school even…SO of course I’d be happy to share this story and my experience with you guys, but we’re not there yet. I look forward to the day. 

I wholeheartedly endorse the methods used at Elements, and will recommend you guys to any and everyone who is dealing with health struggles