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Optimized Health

I was so impressed with the level of caring and individual attention and cutting edge knowledge. We loved it! It will definitely be our go to place for optimized health. Everyone was friendly & caring. Thanks for a great experience!

Rita S.

Digestive Issues

Elements Natural Medicine of Columbus, GA is an excellent resource for the natural treatment of physical problems. The team of doctors and support staff are very courteous and professional. I met with Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell about some digestive issues that I have experienced over the past couple of years and she was very attentive to my needs and listened very well. She immediately suggested a common sense course of action in order to find the root of my digestive issues. You can really tell that Elements Natural Medicine really cares about their patients and provides the care that they need by finding the root of the problem, not just handing out pills in order to mask the symptoms, like some other doctors do that I have visited here in town. I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Cantrell as well as any of the doctors at Elements Natural Medicine.

Robert B.